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Choices available for UK Critical Illness Cover

with life insurance - Critical illness cover is often arranged with UK life insurance paying a benefit on first event only i.e. if you claim for a critical illness you will not receive another benefit on death.

Stand alone critical illness cover - A insurance policy which covers you for critical illness cover only with no death benefit.

guaranteed or reviewable rates - Guaranteed rates are not  available from all critical illness policy providers and premiums tend to be higher.

choice of insurance policy - Ensure that the cover provided is sufficient to your needs

total permanent disability - Do you require TPD on an own occupation or any occupation basis and does the extra cost which is likely make this a worthwhile Additional Benefits

Mortgage protection - If you require insurance to cover a repayment or capital and interest mortgage , this form of critical illness cover provides a benefit which reduces with the outstanding amount you owe.

joint life - A joint policy will provide a benefit if either person insured were to contract a defined critical illness. This insurance will only pay one benefit only.

family income benefit - If you require a regular income as opposed to a lump sum payment this type of insurance will provide benefit payments from diagnosis of a critical illness until the end of the term or earlier death.

index linking - If you are concerned that inflation over the years will diminish the spending power of the sum assured you can have your benefits index-linked which will increase the benefit payable in line with inflation, your premium payments will also increase.

Waiver of premium - This extra benefit will continue to pay your insurance premiums if you are unable to work through ill health.


Alternative UK insurance cover

Critical Illness Cover UK will pay out on a defined critical illness only and will not depend on you being able to work, if you wish to arrange insurance that will pay a regular benefit if you are unable to work through a wider range of sicknesses or illnesses you may wish to consider income protection insurance .

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