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Online insurance quotes are available from the leading UK insurance companies. All premiums have been discounted by us Assetguard by electing not to receive full commission. You are under no obligation at any time and can contact us with any queries or questions you may have regarding any of the critical illness policies that we offer.

How to obtain an online critical illness cover quote

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Enter whether a single or joint critical illness policy is required see Critical Illness Cover Choices                                                       Enter your sex i.e. male or female                                                 Enter your date of birth                                                               State whether you are a smoker or not                                          Enter your e-mail address                                                            Enter product type term , mortgage protection or family income benefit see Critical Illness Cover Choices                                       Enter benefit type , death benefit only see UK life insurance , critical illness cover only or family income benefit                            Enter term in years , this is the amount of years you wish your critical illness policy to cover you for                                              Choose whether you wish to base the cost of critical illness cover on the premium you wish to pay or the amount of cover you wish to have.                                                                                        Choose either increasing benefit or level benefit.                           Choose whether you wish to include waiver of premium see Additional Benefits

Once you have completed this online quote request you will be presented with comparative critical illness quotes from the top UK insurance companies which have all been discounted to provide you with some of the most affordable critical illness insurance policies available. If you then wish to proceed further you are able to receive a personalized quote and to print key features documents which will provide further information to help with your Critical Illness Policy Comparisons

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