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Comparing Critical Illness Insurance Policies

Compare the conditions covered - policies will state in their key features document which critical illnesses are covered, remember that the core conditions are more likely to happen and therefore more importance should be placed on this list of critical illnesses than a long list of the less likely additional conditions , in fact five core conditions represent over 90% of Critical Illness Cover Claims .

Compare the Critical Illness Cover Exclusions - exclusions do differ between insurance companies , ensure that any of the exclusions that will prevent a critical illness cover policy from paying a benefit are fully understood and will not affect any claim. Full details of exclusions are in the key features document.

Compare the Additional Benefits - These benefits may or may not be of importance to you in obtaining suitable critical illness insurance i.e. if the policy covers critical illness cover for your children and you have no children there will be no additional benefit.

Compare the premiums - The premium is the monthly or annual payment that you make to the insurance company for the cover. Premiums are either guaranteed rates which will remain the same throughout the policy term or reviewable rates which are reviewed and may increase or decrease, reviewable rates are generally not reviewed for the first five years.

Compare Critical Illness Insurance Cost - Costs of cover can be expensive due to the fact that you are more likely to contract a critical illness than to die, in fact people between the ages of 30 and 50 are 2 1/2 times more likely to contract a critical illness than to die. All our critical illness cover quotes have been discounted to offer you some of the most competitive premiums available.         020 8797 2837

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