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The key features document on your selected critical illness policy will list the conditions covered under that particular policy and  these will differ between different insurance companies. The list below represents core conditions and additional conditions that are commonly used for critical illness cover policies ,however the key features document will provide the definitive list of critical illnesses covered.

Critical Illness Cover Core Conditions

The core conditions are usually the critical illnesses most likely to happen.

cancer                         coronary artery by-pass surgery heart attack                           kidney failure                         major organ transplant           multiple sclerosis                   stroke              020 8797 2837                                              

Additional conditions

aorta graft surgery                      benign brain tumour                    blindness                                  coma                                         deafness                                   heart valve replacement/repair     loss of limbs                              loss of speech                           motor neurone disease                paralysis/paraplegia                   Parkinsonís disease                      terminal illness                           third degree burns

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