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UK critical illness insurance is not cheap costing often twice as much as UK life insurance but UK statistics show that contracting a critical illness is more likely to happen to anyone between the ages of 30 and 50. Critical illness insurance from Assetguard has been discounted by electing not to receive full commission payments , this provides you with some of the most affordable critical illness policies available. Cost is not everything and you should use Critical Illness Policy Comparisons to determine whether first and foremost the critical illness insurance policy is suitable for your needs. The factors that determine the cost of critical illness cover premiums are listed below.

Critical Illness Cost Factors

Age - The older you are the more expensive.

Sex - If you are female the cost of your UK critical illness cover is likely to be more expensive.

Health - If you are not in good health premiums may be increased or cover may be declined.

Occupation - Different occupations are deemed to present a greater risk and may therefore increase premiums. Manual workers will pay more for cover.

Sum assured - The amount of benefit you choose to receive , the higher the amount the higher the cost.

Term of policy - The amount of years that cover will last affects the cost of critical illness cover.

Smoking - If you smoke there is more chance of you contracting a critical illness therefore the premiums will cost more.

Family medical history - Because some critical illnesses are hereditary cover could cost you more.

Guaranteed rates are generally more expensive than reviewable rates.

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